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Headlining the vehicle tracking system and the management solutions at the forefront of the technical solutions TrackGeo, has instigated a pioneering ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE which provides an end to end solution to easify your concerns about managing, locating and tracking your vehicle and fleet round the clock.

To ensure an all-around safety and efficiency of the vehicular transport system the Indian Government has ploughed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the automotive industry standard-140. This world renowned Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is an optimal and effective utilisation of the already subsisting transport framework to its level best.

An inside view to the ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE!!

According to the latest AIS-140 regulation, implemented on April 1, 2019 vehicles are instructed to possess a GPS tracking device along with one or more emergency buttons, especially for all the public service vehicle which require a permit. This regulation is mandatory for the existing as well as the newly possessed vehicles, due to some of the most affirmative and stronghold mandate of the AIS-140 guidelines, concerns such as traffic management, traffic and environmental impact can easily be tackled.

Security safeguards by ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE:

  • The transmittance of the velocity, real time location back to the government authorised servers by using a GSM/GPRS network.
  • There should be at least two IP address for the data transmittance along with an extra IP address for an emergency response system.
  • ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE bestows a power backup of at least four hours, rendering a perfect combination of durability and longevity.
  • The best note down is the workability of this device on a minimum hardware requirement, data storage and updates.


Apart from being a marvellous addition to the automotive industry, ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE is an excellent real time tracking system. Eminently, an ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE has two vital functions, firstly, the real-time GPS tracking and the latter one being an emergency SOS button. These well renowned trackers are suitable for the following vehicle categories, such as:


The traversing vehicles which travels or transports within the city have predefined routes along with relatively short operation time in comparison with the city-city transport system, therefore to ensure the driver’s commitment to the predefined route the ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE is installed with an emergency button reporting back to the control centre.


City-City transport vehicles have to usually travel a long distance, therefore losing the track of the vehicle is a very common instance in comparison with the intramural city transport, nevertheless, to keep a track of such vehicles, ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE tracker must be installed so that a proper real time update about the driver’s behaviour, vehicle’s location along with furthermore vital information is reverted back to the control centre frequently.


Increasing traffic often causes an unnecessary congestion, but when it comes to critical or emergency services, times of the essence, therefore in order to let these critical services vehicle easily reach their destination, the emergency button can prove to be of vital service, as it’ll revert a signal back to the control centre which’ll contact the traffic management system to help the vehicle to avoid the trafficated route and let it reach its destination easily.


ARAI AIS 140 GPS DEVICE is an ideal fit for the commercial or merchandising vehicles which rely on the principle of increasing the profits through work efficiency and cost cutting.