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Product Features

  • REAL-TIME TRACKING : This provides an accurate real time location of the vehicle from anywhere, which is easily accessible just with a touch of a button.
  • VELOCITY TRACKING : Keeping a check of your vehicle speed throughout the journey is a vital factor as it reduces the chances of accident and even gives an insight about the driver’s behaviour.
  • STOP’S : It’s important to gather the information about the vehicle stoppages as stoppages beyond the specified limits should be reported.
  • GOVERNING OF FUEL : It’s important to govern the fuel level as it prevents the possibility of fuel theft.
  • ENGINE TEMPRATURE CONTROL : It alerts the driver by giving a beep signal and creating a prompt alert on the website, however if the engine temperature somehow exceeds the dangerous limit then it’ll efficiently prevent the engine seizing.
  • DISTANCE COVERED : Its keeps a record of the distance travelled by each vehicle on a particular journey or during a specific time.
  • GEOFENCING : If the individualised TrackGeo unit is custom build for a particular geographical area then it’ll automatically send an alert to the vehicle owner, when the vehicle somehow tries to cross that virtual fence.
  • TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION : It ensures a sustainable communication between the driver and the owner amidst a journey.
  • SUSPECTIVE THEFT ALARM : Car safety is of utmost importance therefore by switching on the susceptive theft alarm on the app or website, it’ll automatically give you a call alert in case of an attempt.
  • AC ON/OFF REPORTS : It provides a detailed report about the on or off status of your AC through the app or website.
  • IGNITION ON/OFF REPORT : Similarly, like the aforementioned feature this feature also give an automatic report about the engine start/ stop, is also provides you with the facility to immobilize your car or stop it through app or website.
  • VEHICLE IMMOBILIZATION : In case of any susceptive theft case you can immobilize your vehicle through computer or phone and while stopping it’ll provide you with 3 options related to speed, later you can remobilize it by your desktop or mobile again.