About Us


About Us

We are bringing together the power of our proprietary technology and wide reach to change India's vehicle landscape. Vehicle owners, businesses, and transporters in India are forced to run vehicles with extreme inefficiency and poor security. TrackGeo is determined to change that.

We fully support Make in India program of Government and manufacturing high standard of GPS tracking devices in India.

Presently we are into our 4th generation of patented "trackgeo" Tracking system which makes use of GPRS communication for real time tracking and monitoring. We proud to announce that our extensive research and dedication has made us the fastest growing GPS Tracker company in India.

We are technology company specialised in providing GPS Tracking system for car, truck, assets, four wheeler automobiles and more. Moreover we are a leading GPS tracking system provider, aims at offering innovative and cost-effective GPS tracking system.

Our Tracking Sysytems


Automotive Tracking System

GPS E-Lock, TrackGeo GT01 are few among the acclaimed vehicle tracking system which provides an economical yet advancing GPS tracking solution for all type of vehicles, it’s based on GPS, GPRS, NFC or UHF, RFID technology which provides security as well as an online platform so that the user can know the truck’s many informations.

  • Real Time Location
  • Information About Location
  • Lock Status At True Time

Personalised Tracking System

Personal GPS Tracking System (For Kids & Females) helps you keep track of kids, family members, employees or anyone you want to keep a look on, these devices are very portable and small in size, which all makes them easily placeable and it also comes along with a long battery life which make it very effective for a stealth and a discrete usage.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Effective Stealth
  • Small In Size

Bike Tracking system

TrackGeo GT100 for bikes is an advanced tracking mechanism which provides up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, it comprises of the excellent power and battery management system which is specifically designed for the elegant and optimum power delivery and also to efficiently save power when the device stops or is on the move.

  • Additional Dust Protection
  • Additional Water Protection
  • More Sustainable & Robust