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This tracker device works as an effective storage hub to store all the information about the movement of your loved ones. Personal GPS tracker India is prominently used to track the movements with the help of GPS/GPRS technology in the phone or computer.

  • LOCATION : It provides a real time location data of the person carrying this tracker on your respective desktop, mobile or wherever you require it.
  • STOP'S : Information about the stop’s made by the person carrying this tracker is easily transmitted.
  • PROMPT BATTERY ALERTS : Prompt alerts about the battery status of each tracker is subtly provided, however is also sends an sms if the battery is about to get discharged soon.
  • ROUTE PLAYBACK : You can easily glance the route travelled by your loved ones and easily check out where they have actually travelled.
  • AUTOMATED ANSWERING : By making a call to the tracker it performs a one-way communication to the person carrying the tracker.
  • BATTERY BACKUP : Up to 13 hours.